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Weil das Thema auf dem Blog gefragt ist, reiche ich hier noch einen Buchtip nach, auf den ich aktuell bei meiner USA Reise immer wieder stoße: Transition Plan: 7 Secrets Every Leader Needs to Know. Es scheint das profunde Buch (in Englisch) zu diesem Thema zu sein. Die Ältesten der Willow Church haben es in der Vorbereitung des kommenden Wechsel von Bill Hybels gelesen und orientieren sich daran, andere bekannte geistliche Leiter empfehlen es ebenfalls heiß (siehe Kommentar von Max Lucado!).

Wir haben in Deutschland noch keine Reflexion dieses wesentlichen Themas sondern kämpfen noch in vielen Gemeinden (und Organisationen), wenn der erfolgreiche Übergang von prägenden Leitern auf ihre Nachfolger sehr herausfordernd ist und manchmal leider nicht gelingt. Mir fallen spontan doch etliche Geschichten dazu ein …

Stimmen zum Buch

“Transition Plan shows that with proper foresight and preparation, a leader can safely navigate the often choppy waters of leadership transition. This book is proof that leadership transitions, when properly understood and executed, celebrates rather than challenges the inevitable process of change.”
—John C. Maxwell, Pastor, Best Selling Author of over 50 books, including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

“We are all interim leaders. Smart leaders who realize this will make Transition Plan a must read. I know it will be for all of our clients.“
—William Vanderbloemen, Vanderbloemen Search Group

“Succession planning is a critical task for any effective chief executive.  You owe it to yourself and more importantly to the people in your company to do it right.  Bob Russell provides a great best demonstration practice that you can apply in your company.”
—David Novak, CEO of YUM! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s)

“It would be impossible for me to overstate my excitement about this book. Finally, someone has captured on paper the delicate transition of church leadership. Every church leader should read this book and create or review a transition strategy. I benefited from Bob’s wisdom long before the book was written. Randy Frazee and I are enjoying a successful partnership at the Oak Hills Church, largely due to Bob’s counsel. Bob and Dave model the careful, humble spirit needed to pass the baton. May we learn from their examples!”  —Max Lucado, Minister of Oak Hills Church, Best Selling Christian Author

“Joy can turn into despair if we cannot successfully complete the transition of our life’s work to those who will follow. Bob Russell’s remarkable 40 year journey and his insight on the transition process can help any leader prepare for this inevitable event.”
—John (Jack) A. Hillerich III- Chairman, Hillerich & Bradsby Co., a 125 year old family-owned company and maker of Louisville Slugger® baseball bats 

“Transition Plan will help you realize your responsibility to the next generation. Bob’s story will inspire you to think forward to your own organization’s transition.”
—Craig Groeschel — Senior Pastor of

„Transition Plan offers sage advice for pastors and elders who want to be proactive in their leadership planning. No one is more qualified than Bob Russell to light the way. Wise, generous, and humble–in the pulpit, on the page, and in person–Bob shares chapter after chapter of helpful examples gleaned from forty years of ministry. Bob’s ‚here’s what worked, here’s what didn’t‘ approach is honest, informative, and practical. Having had the privilege of watching this amazing transition unfold month by month from the pews, I can say absolutely, ‚This is how you honor God and build His Kingdom!'“
— Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible 

“Finally an honest, straight-forward success story of holding God’s Kingdom and His agenda above personal success and impact, I highly recommend this book as I have been privileged to watch it up close in my relationship with Dave Stone. This book goes way beyond the theories and principles of transition and shares the real nitty gritty issues that touch on ego, position, humility and the challenges of making a great transition. Oh that all of us would ‘read and heed’ the words of this book.”
—Chip Ingram, President of Living on the Edge

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